Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stash busting, baby steps

Now that my servers are built and D. is back at work, it's calmed down quite a bit. Since I'm less stressed at work, I'm getting more done in my sewing room. After my last post, I got this little receiving blanket done:

It's two layers of flannel that have been in the stash for 3+ years. I trimmed them both to the same size, basted some jumbo rick-rack to the right side of one piece, layered that right sides together with the other piece, stitched and flipped. Then I topstitched all the way around about 1/2" from the edge to keep things from shifting. I got the idea from a local quilt shop last fall. I knew I had this fabric in the stash, so I bought the cream rick-rack for it. If I were to do it over, I would have rounded the corners instead of angling them like I did here . I think that would have worked and looked better.

Last night and tonight, I made this little blankie:

The center is a square of the blue minkee I used in that other blanket last month. I found the flannel on the clearance rack at JoAnn Fabrics a week or so ago. You can't really tell, but those are pirate ships on it. I cut 9.5" wide strips and sandwiched the minkee between 2 layers (lining up the cut edges, wrong sides out), stitched, folded the flannel back, then added the next round. The flannel wasn't quite as long as I wanted, so I had to use the partial seam method. All of the strips of flannel are the same length. As I was digging through a drawer in my sewing room, I found some old pre-packaged single-fold quilt binding, which I used along the edge. There was a little rectangle and another package of binding left over after I made this, so I bound it up and put it in the cats' favorite spot on the couch (no picture). I'm sure they'll like it - cats like fuzzy things, unless it's another cat. :)

I *still* have a piece of blue minkee left. It's about 20" x 70" - enough to make two or three more blankies. I have another piece of clearance flannel - frogs playing golf - that's a bit longer than the pirate ships. I'll cut a rectangle, about 20" x 30" and layer it up like I did this one. I'll use satin quilt binding instead of the packaged stuff I used on this one. I like the look and feel of that better. I think I have a piece of the dark blue flannel that I mixed in with the first blanket that I can use for the third blankie. I'd just need to get another package of satin blanket binding (with my 40% off JoAnn's coupon). Such a deal!

I'll keep the pink blanket for the next acquaintance I know who has a girl baby. This first blue blankie is going to charity. If I like the other two better, I'll keep them in the stash for future baby gifts. One of the guys on John's pool team will have another baby soon, so maybe one of these will be for him.

Time to go dig through the stash some more. I have 2 more pieces of coordinating flannel for another receiving blanket (need to find some jumbo rick-rack for that). I know there's a no-sew fleece blanket with duckies on it in there somewhere. I'm not a big fan of the no-sew blankets, so I'll probably stitch/flip/topstitch it instead. Depending on the size, I could get two baby-sized blankets out of that. I also have a piece of pink minkee that's 60" x 72" or so. I initially figured I'd cut it in quarters and make layered blankies like the blue one. I'll need to get more flannel and satin binding for that, though, so it might have to wait for a good sale and/or coupons. That minkee is soft, but it's wicked messy. I have little blue fluffy things all over the sewing room. Thank goodness for hardwood floors and a Swiffer!

If I can get rid of some of the fleece pieces, I'll have more room in my sewing room closet. I might actually be able to close the door then. :)

Wish me luck....

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