Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cats are funny people

I have made progress on Stealth Project 2, but since I can't show it here, you get cat pictures. Hey, it works for Crazy Aunt Purl.

In the last post I mentioned that Emma has this crazy new habit of burying her food dish, using the pile of papers destined for the shredder. This is doesn't require a huge effort on her part, since the papers are right next to her dish. I have 5 cats, and they are fed in 4 different rooms to keep anyone from eating more than his or her fair share. Anyway, I keep stacking up the papers, and Princess Emma CrabbyPants keeps burying her dish when she's done eating.

"Must hide the dish from the Evil Kittens!" [Notice the dish is empty.]

"I love a job well done." [Also notice how well the cat blends in with the horribly ugly carpet. Hairballs blend in, as well. This is both blessing and curse.]

"What? This is perfectly normal behavior. Now put the camera away and feed me. Oh, and can you get rid of those kittens, please? I hate kittens. They're stupid and they smell funny."

She looks rather svelte in this picture. She has lost some weight, which she needed to do, but y0u can see from the other pictures that she's still not a skinny kitty. And she hates kittens. I think it must be a 3-color cat trait. Crazy Aunt Purl has a tortie named Sobakowa who hates cats, too. :)

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