Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend progress

I expected to get a little more done on a long weekend, but....

I finished Stealth Project 1, but you'll have to wait a day or two for pictures. I officially reached the halfway point on Stealth Project 2, but no pictures of that, either. I suppose I should be taking pictures of that as I go, but I'm not. The finished product will have to do.

I did get the pillowcases embroidered, though. Two are for kids in a local children's home. I started to post pictures, but decided against it. I figure these kids have enough to deal with, without some lunatic looking them up after seeing their names on my blog. Not that I think that many people read this, but you just never know. At any rate, I got two pillowcases embroidered for some kids who are having tough time of it. They get a pillowcase for their birthday, along with a goodie basket of stuff, donated by some very kind people in the area. I do two or three of these every other month or so, and I almost always wait till the last minute to do it, even though I always say I won't.

I do have one picture to post. This pillowcase is for a kid who is the cousin of my friend's kids (on the ex-husband's side). She doesn't know the kid and I have no idea where he lives, so I figure this is okay to post.

I think it would have looked better if the letters were bigger, but that's as big as I could get them in the hoop, and I wasn't keen on multiple hoopings. Hopefully the kid will be excited that his name is on there and not care how big it is.

That's all. Time to round up cats and brace myself for a very busy day at work tomorrow.

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