Sunday, January 11, 2009

Look! A sock!

I finished my first sock (again)!

Well, it's almost finished. I'm going to take it to my guild meeting on Tuesday and have someone show me how to finish the toe. But I tried it on, and it fits this time. Now I just have to cast on the second one before I get tired of socks!

We got our first big snowstorm (on my side of town) this weekend. I think we got about 6-8". John shoveled twice on yesterday, starting at the detached garage out back. He got as far as the front steps, figuring he'd finish up today. We went out this afternoon and finished up the rest, including the apron, which the plow had buried overnight. Four people knocked on the door yesterday asking if we wanted them to clear the driveway, including the ones in the evening who offered to finish up for $10. John kept telling them no. I think he was re-thinking that today.....

While he was shovelling, I decided to do a "quick" clean of the aquarium. When you put new fish in your tank and they're dead within hours, it's not a good sign. Poor things. Anyway, while I was cleaning the fish tank, I had the linen closet open.

Just inspecting these towels, Mama. They're comfy!

I'll close with one of the two bad jokes from the Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Page-a-Day calendar:

• A motorcycle cop pulled alongside a speeding car on the highway. He was amazed to see that the woman behind the wheel was actually knitting. The cop yelled, “Pull over!” “Nope,” the woman yelled back, “scarf!”

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