Wednesday, February 4, 2009

That's what I get

Remember my pretty rose plant? Remember how I boasted that mine was the only one that had survived?

The universe decided to smite me for it.

I forgot to arrange for someone to water it while I was in California and now it's all dead and crunchy. It's not too obvious in the picture, since these plants don't really turn brown before they dry up. But it's definitely dead. I'm sorry that it had to pay for my pride and thoughtlessness....

You may have noticed that there aren't any quilt or knit pictures here. I had been busily knitting away on my stealth project, and I'm making progress, but I can't show you pictures of it. I haven't made any progress on my 2nd sock since I got back from my trip, and there's been no other sewing or quilting progress, either. I *did* clean my sewing room the other night. But even though it's a lot cleaner than it was, it's still not tidy enough that I want to post pictures for everyone to see. Sorry.

Since we got another foot or so of snow, I'm certainly not going out any where tonight. Maybe I'll try to do something bloggable. I'd really like to get that stealth project done though. It does have a deadline, after all. The good news is that tomorrow is Dear Jane night, so hopefully I'll have another block to post after that. I've been known to take my knitting to Dear Jane night, but I'm going to try to stick to doing Dear Jane stuff there.

In other news, this happened in my parents' home town. I still have a few relatives who live within the municipal water supply zone. Some of the others live a little farther out, so I'm not sure where their water comes from. As far as I know, everyone's fine. Still scary, though.

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