Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NEORQC Getaway 2009

This past weekend was the annual NEORQC (North East Ohio Regional Quilt Council) Getaway at the Bertram Inn in Aurora. I've been going every year for more years than I can count. It's really nice to be pampered for the weekend. You might recall that I go once or twice a year to "UFO camp" in Holmes County and that's great, too. But the NEORQC Getaway is a bit more extravagant. Here's the dining room.

The theme this year was Quilted Confections. Here are some of the decorations the hotel provided. They look good enough to eat, don't they?

The format this year, as in previous years was dinner Friday night, followed by class time. Saturday we get three meals and class time in the morning and afternoon. Most of us go back to the classrooms after dinner, too. Sunday is breakfast, class time, then lunch and show and tell. There are also vendors available. It's a bit pricey, but worth, it, I think. Unfortunately, with the economy as it is, attendance was way down this year so next year they're making some changes to hopefully attract more people. We'll see how that works out.

This year, I took Kim Montagnese's Mirror Magic class. Even though I was a slacker and didn't do the prep work before class, I almost finished my project. It needs some quilting in the border, a hanging sleeve and binding.

Those are little mirrors behind the lattice. I used the leftover fabrics from Big Blue (which still isn't close to done, but I have the pieces all cut). I found the blue hand-dyed yarn for sale in another classroom (Sue Spargo's) . The other embellishments were made by little ol' me, using polymer clay and powered pigments, which was a lot of fun. I might have to steal the pasta machine my parents never use and get myself some clay to play with.

My friend, Beth, took the class with me. She made lots of stuff with the clay, including some earrings for herself. I made myself a name tag, but it's not done yet. I didn't get a picture of Beth's project, which is for her daughter. She said it wasn't done yet, anyway, so I'll have to get a picture of it later.

Several people in the class finished their projects. I got pictures of a few of them.

You'll notice my project is a little bigger than the ones the rest of the class were making. That's because I have specific place I want to hang it. It should be done in time for my guild's quilt show next month.

Speaking of our quilt show, this is the guild's latest raffle quilt.

If you're interested in buying tickets ($1 each or 6 for $5), let me know. ;-) And please come to the show! It's one of the biggest in the area and there are always lots of beautiful quilts.

In other news, I know it's been kind of quiet here. I've been busy working on as-yet unbloggable stuff. I'm 92% done with my stealth knitting project and once that's done (this week), I'll be able to post about it and a number of other things I've been working on. I have at least 2 posts planned - watch for them next week. I might have a new Dear Jane block to show at the end of this week, since my Dear Jane group meets Thursday night.

One last thing I can show you is the label for another baby quilt. Here you go....

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