Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another triangle done

Tonight was Dear Jane night and I finished the do-over triangle I started over the weekend (LS-7) .

This it the second time I've done this triangle. The first time I don't know what I was thinking, since I clearly used the wrong fabric when I made it. Some people (Hi, Beth!) think I'm crazy for doing it over, but since I intend to keep this project, I'm the one who has to live with it. It would make me crazy to leave it, so I re-did it.

That brings my total to 69 blocks, 22 triangles, 1 corner kite and 2096 pieces. I'm not sure when I'll get back to Dear Jane. I started a stash-busting project this week that I'm not ready to blog about just yet. That should keep me busy for the weekend, at least. Next Wednesday is quilt night with the girls from work, so maybe I'll do a block then. I should start thinking about which corner kite to do next, since I'm getting close to my triangle goal now. I suppose if I picked one of the nasty applique corners, I could do that at quilt night, since I don't like lugging my machine around, despite the rolling case I have for it. It would also get it out of the way. I might pick some of the nastier blocks to do next. I'm definitely saving Uncle Homer for last - it's just a simple 9-patch.

Next Thursday I start my Magic Loop sock class, so I should have some knitting progress to show you. I still haven't taken a picture of the charcoal scarf, mostly because it's so dark and not very exciting. I promise to take a lousy picture of it when it's done. :)

And because Kathryn complained that I don't post enough cat pictures.....

I must please the few readers I have. Luckily, most of you like cats. :)

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