Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nothing finished but I have lots of help

I started the next batch of fabric grocery bags. Here are the outside/inside pairs.

And the pockets for them, in no particular order.

They still aren't done, but Blue has been helping me with them.

Blue has helped a lot...

A whole lot.

Not to be outdone, Emma had to help, too.

Max made sure the novelty fabric didn't get away.

I actually used my fabric bags on my last visit to the grocery store. The only plastic bag I took with me was the one I put my meat package into. I know my bags are washable, but still didn't want to risk leaking meat juice into them.

In knitting news, I was supposed to take a Magic Loop sock class starting last Thursday. Unfortunately, I was the only one who signed up, so they postponed the start for 2 weeks. I really wish they'd called to tell me that beforehand, since the shop isn't exactly close to home. All wasn't lost, though. They were doing a sit and stitch that night out on the deck. It was a nice night, so I stayed and worked on my striped sock. I've turned the heel again.

I'm still not truly happy with the short row heel and the hole I have where I joined it back in the round. But I really, really don't want to frog it again, so I'll just have to deal with it. Maybe the second sock will go better.

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