Monday, May 25, 2009

What can you get done on a 3-day weekend?

If you're me, you can assemble a couple of small knitting gadget kits.

The larger one was gift card box from Michael's. The smaller one was Hershey's truffle tin. I covered the top with fabric and wrapped a ribbon around the sides of the top. Each kit contains a tape measure, folding scissors, mini crochet hook, row counter, needle gauge, yarn needles and my handmade stitch markers.

You can make 7 more fabric grocery bags.

Not without a new paws-on supervisor, of course.

And don't forget the $3 project bag.

That's a 97-cents-on-clearance quilted placemat, plus a $2 zipper. It's just the right size for a 100g ball of sock yarn, needles and a printed pattern. And maybe a fancy gadget kit. ;-)

Speaking of sock yarn, you can make a bit of progress on your toe-up sock.

Okay, part of that was done Thursday night during a women's club meeting at work. But I also worked on the as yet unblogged boring charcoal mistake rib scarf, so it all evens out, right?

And since the weekend isn't over yet, I think I'm going to go baste a quilt top. Maybe two.

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