Saturday, November 8, 2008

The B-word

Bifocals. Oh, sorry, they're "Progressive Lenses" now. Same difference, if you ask me. Either way, I spent $$$ Thursday night ordering a pair for myself, along with a pair prescription sunglasses (distance vision only).

The irony of it is that I had LASIK done several years ago. When I originally had the surgery done, my vision was pretty bad, and they told me upfront that I'd have to have both eyes zapped twiced, with 6-8 months between the procedures. They were fine for several years, then I noticed the right eye was getting blurry again. I had that one re-done, after which they told that A) I had lost some of my near vision and B) that eye was done with surgeries - not enough of my cornea left to zap. Now 3 years later, and just past 40, I've noticed some more blurriness in my distance vision, and a bit of trouble seeing close up. Yippee.

I'm not sorry I had the LASIK. I was extremely nearsighted back then. I had to squint to see the clock radio next to the bed, and if I dropped my glasses, I was pulling a Velma (i.e. patting around on my hands & knees while saying "Where are my glasses?? I can't see without my glasses!") to find them. Great visual, huh? Even worse was the time I dropped a contact lens and it landed on a plastic baggie.
Good times.

Anyway, my new specs will be in next week. I don't *have* to wear them all the time, but likely will, just because it's easier to do that than to remember where I left them. :) This getting older thing is *not* fun!

I've made some more progress on my stealth project, but can't show you that till it's done and given away. I got the new center done on the commissioned quilt block, but still have to do the embroidery. I got the names digitized for it, I just have to stitch them out. This weekend for sure. I want to get it done before I go to training.

In other news, a couple of someones get to go for a ride in the car today to see the nice lady doctor.

"We told you, we're not going!"

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