Monday, November 17, 2008

A new look and a new (temporary) location

Sorry, all crappy cell phone pictures this week. The digital camera was one too many electronic gadgets to keep track of. I've already missplaced all my chargers and forgot to bring my laptop power cable. Sigh.... Luckily, I'm travelling with a co-worker, K, who has the same laptop I do, so I can still juice up when needed.

Anyway, here's the new look, after a color, cut and addition of glasses:

My location for the week:

Any guesses? It's the site of a famous "Massacre" - which involved the death of a whopping 5 people. Not to say that killing 5 people is a good thing, but I hardly think that qualifies as a massacre. Maybe it did in 1770.

At any rate, we're in Boston. That's a picture of the Massachusetts State House on Boston Common. We got here Sunday afternoon, ate some good seafood for lunch, then walked part of the Freedom Trail. We thought this was the marker for the Boston Massacre, but it's not. I have no idea what it is, actually. Pretty, though. Except for the graffiti. People are so stupid...

We found the Granary Burying Ground where this guy is buried:

I'm not a beer drinker, but John likes his brew. ;-)

Also there were Benjamin Franklin's parents, but I instead of taking a picture of their tomb/maker, or the guy dressed in period clothing, I chose these shots:

Nearly every headstone in the place had a skull of some kind on it. A lot of them were hard to see. This one had the skull and crossbones, as did a few others. A lot of them had skulls with wings, which kind of resembled some really creepy bats. Along one side of the cemetery, is a building, but we didn't look to see what the building actually is [we would make horrible reporters, btw]. The ground level windows all had bars on them, with razor wire strung above them all the way across. WTF? Are they trying to keep people from breaking into or out of the cemetery?? I just don't get it.

In other news, our hotel room are really nice, and this was the cheaper place, I think.

This is almost as big as my last apartment. The room has a separate bedroom and a full kitchen. We could stock up on food and cook our own meals. But we have no intention of doing that. We're in Beantown, baby. We're eating seafood all week!

Except tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, we'll be enjoying the hospitality of some college friends of mine and their sons, who live in this fine commonwealth [how come KY, MA, PA and VA call themselves commonwealths, not states?]. I haven't seen them in a while, so I'm excited. They have two new cats this year, one who climbs things (trees, mostly) and one with a wool fetish. Can't wait to meet some furballs who are at least as weird as mine. :) And as a bonus, there's a yarn shop nearby, and tomorrow is knit night at the library. K and I are going to learn to knit socks!

I'll have some fiber-y pictures later in the week. I finished the stealth knitting project, but haven't delivered it, so no picture. I finished a quasi-stealth quilt top on Saturday. I have a picture of it, but not with me. I started and am about half done with a hat for my Secret Santa kid. I'll take a picture of that when I'm done with it.

Now, I'm off to get ready for class. Happy Monday!

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