Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Turkeys and chickens and cats, oh my!

[Warning, more really crappy cell phone pix today.]
It's been a fun couple of days here in Beantown. The class we're taking is okay. It's not anything we'll use on a regular basis at work, but it'll be good to have the background knowledge. And despite our instructor's dismay at nearly half of the class (3/7) being system administrators, K. and I have been the first to finish our labs nearly every time. We also require a whole lot less assistance than the "DBA" in front of us, who we really want to throw something at most of the time.

On the plus side, we got to see these guys and a few more of their friends this morning on our way into class:

We told them to run for their lives. They must have understood, because they were long gone by lunch time.

But that's not the fun part. A couple of my college friends moved out here right after we graduated, and I don't get to see them very often. Last night we went to their house for dinner, yarn shopping and knit night. Dinner was yummy, we had an adventure winding a hank of sock yarn at the yarn shop, and got very little knitting at knit night. :) But the company was excellent, so we went out there again tonight.

My friends raise chickens and their son sells the eggs, which are really good. It's a shame we're flying home, or I'd ask for some to take home. Here are two of the 50 or so they have at the moment:

There are also two resident cats. I'm sure you all know how much I like cats. :)

Butters enjoys blending in with the furniture, when he isn't eating hand-knit wool socks. Wolfgang spends his time climbing trees and into the laps of those who are allergic to him. Butters is polydactyl, but even without that, he has the biggest feet I've ever seen on a house cat. Wolfgang has the softest, silkiest fur I've ever felt. We were hoping to bring one of them back with us, but couldn't sneak them out. Well, I was hoping - K., probably not so much.

I do have some fiber content today. First, the finished hat:

It's looks a big misshapen in the picture, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be too small for my Secret Santa kid. I ran out of yarn and had to stop, though. Maybe he'll have a small head, or a younger sibling/cousin/friend who can use it.

Next up, the projects I have on needles at the moment:

From the top: The sock I cast on (2 or 3 times) tonight; the swatch/pocket of the quasi-stealth project I started the other night; and the first couple of rows of my felted clogs. I've been assured that if I follow the pattern, this will eventually become something that resembles the sole. Time will tell.....

And finally, as if two tasty home-cooked dinners wasn't enough, S. made shopping bags for each of us. Here is mine:

I love it! Thanks so much!!

Tomorrow the three of us are going do dinner and go to a quilt shop. Oh yeah, we have to go to class first. Minor detail.

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