Sunday, July 19, 2009

It just keeps getting better.....

So much for the second half of 2009 being an improvement over the first half. I was at the grocery store yesterday just before 6, and John called and said he needed to go to the ER. I left my half-full grocery cart with a store employee and rushed home. He broke the 5th metacarpal (ie, the bone in his hand under his pinky finger), though he swears it was self-defense. Apparently, the table provoked him. :) He has an appt with my orthopedic group to decide if he needs to have a pin put in it. Sigh....

On the plus side, I got some work done on my socks while we were at the ER.

I'm sure I'll get more done later this week if he has to have surgery.

I had a request to see my "Harry Potter scar". Since I aim to please, here you go:

I waited till it wasn't scabby anymore, it's a bit blurry, and the flash kind of disguises the top part of the scar. You're welcome. :) The redness on the left of my foot is a rash I got from a bandage I put on it.

I finished the binding on that baby quilt today. Here's the finished product:

The back is a piece of fleece from my stash that's almost exactly the same color as the binding. What are the odds?

A friend of mine made this cute little drawstring bag for me.

Her DH has been chronically ill, so she spends a lot of time in waiting rooms, too. She gave me the pattern for it, too. We've decided if it was knit a bit shorter, it would make a really cute baby hat.

In other news, guess who sneaked into the bathroom and got locked in while I was at work all day on Friday?

"Sorry about the 'present' in the bathtub, Mama...."

I had just told my friend L. *that day* that I've locked cats in the bathroom before and they had never pottied in there. I wasn't mad at him or anything. I'm the one who locked him in. I was just glad he picked the tub over the throw rugs.

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