Monday, July 27, 2009

Some things I've seen in Orlando

Aside from all the (other) drivers who are *CLEARLY* tourists, I saw this stretch Hummer on my way to the hotel yesterday.

I went to Carmela's for dinner tonight. It was established in Brooklyn, NY, so it's not Orlando-local, but it was pretty tasty brick oven pizza. As I was getting ready to leave, I happened to look at the seat next to me and saw this.

Look carefully. How long do you think the girl in short jean shorts had to sit there to get the impression of her butt to stay in the vinyl?? Spooky.

And if that wasn't strange/creepy enough, I saw this at the local Walgreen's:

That would be a whole rack full of real gator heads. The tags on them said they're the by-product of the alligator farming industry. I'm not sure if that's farming for meat or the skin. Either way, would you really want one of these in your house??

Sorry, no cat picture this time, since I'm not home to take pictures of them. Maybe John will send me one later.

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