Monday, July 13, 2009

Well, it's a start

I went to see the surgeon today for a follow-up on my foot. I'm allowed to take the boot off and walk around in normal shoes (or barefoot) starting with an hour a day, then steadily increasing the time. I go back in a month and by then I should be completely out of the boot. As my friend K suggested, I'll probably at least take the boot to Orlando with me at the end of the month, just in case I need it. I should probably wear it in case I have a lot of walking to do around the airports.

I spent my first bootless hour in my sewing room putting the binding on the front of a baby quilt. I didn't get a picture of it yet. I'll do that when it's done.

I do have pictures of the progress on a couple of my other projects. I have about 3-1/2" done on the Mermaid sock:

I *really* like this pattern. It's really easy and it looks cool.

I also finished the gusset decreases on the 2-socks-at-a-time.

I tried one of them on and it fits, which is good. I should have them done in the next week or so, depending on how my thumb feels after hand-stitching the binding on that quilt. I like doing that part, and it kind of sucks that my arthritis flares up worst when I do it. :(

I worked on that charcoal scarf that I never take pictures of. I finished one ball of yarn, and John decided the ball band would make a nice crown for Princess EmmaCat.

"I am Princess EmmaCat. Fear my glowing eyes!"

Also, Ripley came downstairs to socialize a bit on Sunday.

"I love me some catnip!"

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