Saturday, November 21, 2009

All cats, all the time

My arm got quite a workout yesterday. Blue was in a "fetching" mood. Isn't he cute?

"My eyes don't always glow like this...."

I thought I finally tired him out....

"Chasing that mouse is hard work!"

... but about 2 minutes later, he was bringing his mouse back to me. He's such a weird little cat.

Later in the day, these two unsuspecting girls got to go see all the nice ladies at the vet's office.

Emma's mouth is healing well and Runt is healthy, too. After we got back, we found Runt behind the chair.

"They shoved me in a box. TWICE!!"

And we finally got a picture of Emma in the box.

"Hey, it's pretty nice in here."

In non-cat news, I've mostly been working on my stealth projects. I can show you one thing, though. I embroidered another blanket for someone at work.

I cleaned up my sewing room and fixed a pair of earrings that broke at the wedding last week, too, but I didn't get a picture of that.

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