Thursday, November 12, 2009

Projects, a mystery and more yarn I don't need

I had Monday off and managed to find my sewing room!

I added borders and the piping/binding to this baby quilt, which is a group gift for a co-worker's new baby.

It was a pre-cut kit I bought here. I'd say it's a good value for the price - it was nicely kitted up, and the piping was already made. We decided against using the plain flannel backing and used a floral printed fleece with no batting instead. I would buy kits from this seller again, but I don't think I'd choose one that has piping in it. It looks nice, but putting on the piping too fiddly for me.

I also finished this small April Bag that I cut out a couple/three months ago. I was in the process of sewing it together when I realized my mistake.

Do you see it? The fabric is directional - and upside down. I'd already cut the shaping so it was too late to fix it. Clearly, it wasn't obvious enough that I noticed when I was doing the cutting. At least it isn't sideways. I'd have a much bigger problem with that. I have two more of these cut out, but I haven't changed the thread in my machine to the right color yet. They are definitely right side up.

I bought two of these fountains when Emma was diagnosed with kidney problems. I originally bought the medium sized one to keep on the living room side of the "Magic Door", where Max and Emma sleep at night. Then I noticed that Ripley was making a beeline to the fountain every morning. Apparently, a bowl wasn't good enough anymore. So I bought this small one for the kitchen.

The mystery is, this one appears to be leaking. I take it apart at least once a month to give it a good cleaning and change the filter. The bottom is a solid piece of plastic, and I haven't been able to locate any cracks. I have no idea where the puddle is coming from. It's about 3 years old now, and I've already replaced the pump once. Maybe it's time to spring for a new one.....

Here's the yarn I don't need.

Pretty, isn't it? That's two 100g skeins of Sheep Shop Yarn's Sheep Feet in Lilac and Ocean on the left. On the right are two 3.5 oz skeins of Three Irish Girls Adorn sock yarn in Masquerade and Elsbeth. I ordered the TIG yarn back in July during the dying contest for the Sock Summit, and I just got it today. I guess they underestimated the demand. I was anxious to get it, but I was okay with waiting. It's not like I'm going to get to it any time soon. It's nice and soft and I'm looking forward to knitting it up. Eventually. :)

Update on Emma: She seems to be feeling much better now. She's back to her normal shape. Her belly behind her rib cage was really bloated when we took her to the emergency room.

"See my waist, Mama?"

Can you see where they shaved her neck, just at the top of her spot?

And her digestive system seems to be back to normal now. Is it sad that the high point of my week was this cat going "Number 2"? I really need to get out more....

"I don't know why Mama was so happy that I went potty. She still didn't let me have any of her dinner, though."

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