Monday, November 16, 2009

A movie, wedding and a lousy photographer

My cousin Amy got married on Saturday in my parents' hometown of Bellaire, OH (home of NFL players Joey Galloway and Ben Taylor, btw). My dad called that morning and told me that they were filming a new Denzel Washington movie, Unstoppable, in town, and there might be some traffic issues. No kidding. Every road I tried to take to get to the church was closed. I haven't spent a lot of time there lately, so it wasn't a whole lot of fun wandering around there. We did make it before the ceremony started.

The wedding was in the same church my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles have been married in. I thought that was pretty cool. I didn't take my camera to the wedding, since that's usually frowned upon.

I am a lousy wedding photographer since this is the best picture I got of the bride and groom:

I'm such a loser. I got a nice picture of the reception hall (I don't know the people in this picture).

The wedding cakes:

One of the bride's younger sister/maid of honor and her fiance:

Amber and Ryan

One of me and my parents.

And one of my mom and her siblings:

Aunt Karen, Uncle Todd (aka father of the bride) and Mom

The crafty content might be kind of thin for the next 39 days or so. I'll be working on a couple of stealth projects, but they won't be bloggable till after Christmas. The best I can give you today is this link. That's a picture of my friend Jeri from the Cookie A sock class last weekend. I'm glad someone got a picture of her. :) That's my red head behind her.

There was a kitty cat love fest on the couch last night:

Emma's feeling much better now, btw.

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S said...

The sweater looks nice :-)

Re the cats...did you turn your heat down? ;-)