Monday, November 9, 2009

Emma's Weekend Adventures

Allow me to re-introduce you to Emma, aka Princess EmmaCat CrabbyPants.

As you might recall, Emma had some dental work done on Friday. She had two teeth pulled and was a bit dopey when she came home. She was eating just fine and laying on laps as usual, till Saturday night. Then she started to get a little standoff-ish. Sunday morning she was still sitting in the dining room doorway. Not only did she *not* join in the swarming of my feet for breakfast, I had to take her food *to her* and she didn't eat it. She also looked a little bloated.

I admit I'm a little overprotective of Emma. She has kidney issues, which we first discovered because she was standoff-ish and not eating. I called the emergency animal hospital and decided she should take a ride. They did blood tests and found her kidney numbers were all in the normal range, but her lactate level was 4.7, and the normal is under 2. They decided to keep her for the day, give her IV fluids and run some more tests.

[Warning: due to the graphic nature of the next paragraph, reader discretion is advised. Also, you might not want to eat while reading it.]
We picked her up around 9pm and got more info. They did x-rays and found that she was *extremely* constipated. To put it less delicately, she was literally full of crap.... to the point that her intestines had displaced most of her internal organs! No wonder she looked bloated. They gave her two (!) enemas and sent her home.

She seems to be feeling somewhat better now. She slept with us last night (Ripley was not amused, btw), but she was reluctant to eat this morning until we broke out the StarKist tuna. I was just happy to see her eat something. We're going to keep trying to get her to eat anything she wants and see how she's doing tomorrow. I'm hoping she'll be okay by then. I don't think she'd take kindly to another trip to the vet. Neither would my wallet, for that matter. :-(

"They shaved both of my front legs and part of my neck, Mama! And they stuck things in me. That's no way to treat a princess!!"

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S said...

Have to say it looks like a cat bidet ;-)
Is it possible someone is sloshing the water out?
I'm glad Emma is feeling better! And trust me, conversation about and excitement over a small being's "doodles" are nothing unusual ;-)