Monday, August 18, 2008

All in a weekend's work

Here's the quilt top I finished on Friday, folded in quarters, underneath the back that I finished on Sunday:

It's for my guild's community service program. Each month one or two people make block kits and bring them to the guild meeting. Guild members take a kit, put together the block and bring it back, usually in the next month or two. The person who made the kits usually takes the completed blocks home and puts together the quilt top, at least. I normally just do that and let the committee choose a backing for it. This time the background fabric had been in my stash for a while and I had enough to make a backing, so I did. I also have just enough (I think) of the teal and purple fabrics to make binding for it. If not, I have a bit more of the background I can splice in, too.

The danger in passing out block kits is that not everyone's 1/4" seam is the same. Even though these were simple blocks, and I had them strip piece them, they weren't real consistent. Some of the seams I did are kind of skimpy, because of the size of the blocks. So I'll probably go ahead and assemble the quilt and use a zigzag stitch-in-the-ditch for the quilting, in hopes of holding it together. A lot of times the community service quilts get tied rather than quilted and that's just not going to cut it this time. I suppose I could have found the smallest block and trimmed them all to the same size, but I didn't and I'm not taking it apart now.

I finished the latest washcloth:

Yes, the picture is sideways, but for some reason I haven't figured out yet, Blogspot rotates pictures, even when they look right on my memory card, and I don't know how to rotate them once they've been uploaded. I usually rotate and re-rotate them on my computer then re-import them, but the Add Image button doesn't seem to want to work at the moment. We'll just have to live with it as it is, I guess.

This is all I got done on the pink minkee/flannel blankets over the weekend:

I didn't have as much of the minkee as I thought, so I'll only get 6 instead of 9. I don't know where I'll find homes for 6 of them, let alone 9, anyway. On the left is the stack of centers. On the right is the stack of flannel for about 4.5 blankets. I didn't have quite enough of the plaid, so I had to get some solid flannel to go with it. I'll cut that and start assembling them tomorrow. I have a decent sized piece of the yellow striped fabric leftover, along with some scraps that go with it, so I'll be using that to make some other quilt. Not sure what exactly. Probably a center rectangle with a piano-key border. There are scraps from the other fabrics above, too, so I might make a simple quilt or two out of those, like I did with the leftover blues.

In addition to all that, I have two 2.5-yard pieces of flannel that are the same print, but different colorways. I figure I'll use that to make 2 receiving blankets, but I haven't decided whether I'll make them the same on both sides or have one side with the yellow background and the other side with the pink.

Finally, here is Gossamer, the monster catfish, in his (her? no idea how to tell) freshly cleaned tank:

Gossamer is about 6" long, is at least 14 years old, and occasionally makes a croaking sound out of water. Okay, he only did that once -- very strange. I wonder if they call them catfish because of the whiskers, or because they lay around all the time? Maybe both. He and his two friends (some kind of tetras, no picture, since they move too fast) seem happy. I need to change the filter and add some more fish. It's a 26 gallon tank, and if there aren't enough fish in it, the food drops to the bottom and rots. Yes, I know I could put less food in, but then the two little fish would never find any of it. It's a delicate balance.....

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