Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Done, done and done!

Blue, green and yellow washcloth - Done!

I'm diggin' the zigzag pattern in there. Totally unintentional - just what the yarn did.

The last blue minkee and flannel blanket - Done!

[This one has fraternal, not identical sides]

Flannel and fleece baby blanket made from the scraps of the minkee/flannel blankets - Done!

Here are a few pictures of the process of the last one. I layered the flannel top on a piece of waffle fleece (sadly no longer carried at JoAnn's) from the stash and quilted diagonal lines through the squares.

I folded the satin binding I had in half twice, laid it down on the top and realized I had enough to make the quilt a tiny bit bigger. Not enough to add a border, so I just trimmed the fleece about 1.5" bigger all the way around and put the binding on.

It doesn't get much closer than that!!

Have I mentioned I have helpers in the sewing room?

Before this picture was taken, while I was trying to quilt the thing, he was under it pawing at me through the layers. All items from my sewing room are cat tested and approved. :-)

I also did some cleaning up in my sewing room. I can see most of the floor and cutting table now. In the process, I found:

- my missing quilting glove
- three block kits for my guild's community service committee
- the completed blocks from the kits I made for community service
- a small quilt top from a Pfaff embellishments demo/class I took last year that needs binding
- a scrapbook cover that I made in a free-motion quilting class/demo I took 2-3 years ago when Bernina released their stitch regulator.

The scrapbook cover was mostly assembled, but the lining fabric that came with it wasn't big enough. So I pulled a piece of fabric from the stash the correct size and layered it up. Tomorrow night (probably) I'll put some neutral thread in the machine and take care of those things, along with another receiving blanket (sans rick rack this time).

Tomorrow is also the day when the pink flannel I ordered from will arrive, so I'll wash that (along with some other flannel I bought and/or found in the stash) and start working on the pink minkee and flannel blankies. I'll get them assembled up to the point of the binding and wait for a sale and/or JoAnn's coupons to get the satin binding. I have enough to finish 2 of them, but I'll have to wait for the rest. I could use the double-fold cotton/poly quilt binding on some of them, but the cost would be about the same, and the satin feels so much better. A big part of the charm with these blankets (to me, anyway) is the contrast of textures. The poly/cotton binding just isn't as much fun. :-)

Till next time.....

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