Friday, August 15, 2008

The bad, the good, and the very odd

The Bad. This is all I got done at "Quilt Night" last night:

That's one minkee/flannel blanket's worth of 10" strips. Work got in the way. What should have taken an hour took more like three and a half. Grrr..... The chicken paprikash was AWESOME, though!

The Good. John brought these home from the store today:

No reason or occasion. Just because. :-)

The Very Odd. My friend K. at work found this blog yesterday. It's all about ugly/creepy/funny cakes that people paid money for. We amused ourselves for a little while in her office before the boss showed up. I think he was amused, too, though. I had seen this entry in an email a while back, but some of the bridal shower cakes are in truly poor taste. And the "watermelon" cakes? Since when do watermelons have limbs and eyes? And once they do, it's bad karma to show their insides. What on earth were they thinking?!?

I got the community service blocks for my guild assembled today, and I did some knitting. No pictures of those so far. Soon.

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