Thursday, August 14, 2008

Screeching halt....

I was on a such a roll with those minkee/flannel blankets last week. I got all cocky and said I'd have all the pink ones done by Monday, not counting the satin binding, which I don't have yet. How many do I have done, now that it's Thursday? Zero. I don't even have any of the fabric cut yet. It *is* all washed at least. I plan to do some cutting at my friend's house tonight.

My reasons for not getting anything done on the baby blankets are flimsy, at best. I had to work Friday night and Saturday till early afternoon. I didn't sleep well in between, since I was worrying about the upgrades. When I got home from work, was tired and wanted to take a nap, but I kept getting phone calls and emails. After that, I was just plain lazy. I watched some Netflix movies ("Emma" with Gwyneth Paltrow, which was good, and "Where the Heart Is," with Natalie Portman, which was okay), and then watched "Serendipity" on Bravo. Um, twice. Lazy, I tell you.

Sunday I had planned to go to the grocery store then go straight to the sewing room. But I got up a little late, made breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, read the paper, watched something unmemorable on TV, visited my friend was in the hospital, and went to the grocery store. By the time I got home, John was on his way over, after his team made it to the next-t0-last round in the pool tournament. Since I hadn't seen him much all weekend, it didn't seem right to hang out with my sewing machine once he came over.

Monday I got some sewing done on other things. I sewed together the scrapbook cover I found under the pile in my sewing room:

I measured it when it was done and I don't think it will fit any ready-made scrap book. Maybe I'll find someone who is willing to use it for custom-sized pages or something. Any takers? Sarah?

I put together this receiving blanket from fabric in my stash:

It's a little wonky, because the flannel was cheap and not printed very straight. But it's Done, and someone will appreciate it, I'm sure.

I also finished the blocks from the kits for my guild that were supposed to be done last month. Then I pressed and pinned the blocks from the kits I sent out back in March, but I didn't take pictures of those. I'll post a picture when I finish the top and/or quilt.

Last night I managed to download some free fonts that I'm going to convert to embroidery fonts, but didn't get so far as importing them to the embroidery software. I also burned some CDs so I can listen to "Odd Hours", by Dean Koontz in my car. It bugs me that I can't load Audible files to my Sansa mp3 player, but I don't have a jack in my car stereo for it anyway. I love the Odd Thomas series, btw. He sees dead people. :-)

I have one last picture. Remember that fire right before the 4th of July near my house? They had that intersection closed for a while after the fire, but I drove by there the other day and this is what the building looks like now:

I guess they have to figure out how to clean it up, since there's asbestos in there. Nice, huh?

I'm off work tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some sewing done, when I'm not cleaning that darned aquarium. Did you know that certain species of catfish can live up to 30 years?!? My chocolate catfish, Gossamer, is at least 15 -- he came with the tank, which I've had almost 14 years now. Maybe I'll take a picture of him once his home is clean. We can't let the cats have all the publicity, after all. I'll take pictures of the birds sometime, too. They live at John's house - Doc is a Cockatiel, and Solomon is a Congo African Grey parrot. That means he has a black beak and bright red tail feathers. The Timneh African Greys have lighter beaks and darker tail feathers. See? You learned something today. :-)

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