Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a few pictures today

I was more productive than it looks over the weekend, really. On Saturday, I finished the blanket that I'd run out of satin binding for. Here it is, tucked into the entertainment center doors, since my designated quilt holder was out at the time:

This might be my favorite of all 4 minkee/flannel blankets. I really like the idea of having 3 different textures in one blanket. The recipients of the first minkee/flannel blanket (with all the little scraps), finally got it last week, and loved it. At least, that's what they told John. ;-)

This washcloth was 3 or 4 rows long on Friday. It now needs 5 rows of garter stitch then it will be done.

My mom plays cards once a month, rotating houses with her friends. Each hostess supplies gifts when it's her turn. Mom has some bath gift sets (soap, shower gel, lotion) for when she hosts in October. I offered to knit some washcloths to go with them. This one was already on the needles when I offered, so I decided to finish it, even though I was only 3 rows in. I'm not sure this color will "go" with any of the scents she has, but they're quick to knit, so if it doesn't, I'll just make more.

Things I worked on but haven't photographed yet:

- The last of the minkee/flannel blankets. This one used up a piece of flannel I had leftover after making some Super-Sized Nine Patch quilts a couple of years ago. I only had enough to make two 10" strips, so I put those strips on opposite edges on one side and used a couple of blue flannels for the rest. It needs to have the binding attached, but I have to change threads in the machine to do it, so I waited.

- Another baby quilt top. I had some of the alligator/golf print left, just enough for four 9.5" blocks. I added in some yellow and blue squares to make a roughly 36" quilt top. I'm going to layer that with a piece of waffle fleece from the stash, and use the leftover blue satin binding from the blanket above to finish that. I'll post pictures of that as I go.

- The binding on the pirate ship flannel/minkee blanket was really bugging me. The pre-packaged binding I used was a little discolored in some places. I'd given it a quick wash before I put it on, which helped some, but I could still see it in places. When I put it on the blanket, I stitched it down with a regular zigzag, and my machine kept skipping stitches. Also, I was a bit overzealous when I folded it over, so the "front" binding was noticeably narrower than the "back". Those of you who know me will *not* be surprised that I ripped it out and did it over. This time, I pinned it all the way around so that the widths are more even on both sides, and I used the 3-step zigzag stitch, which doesn't skip. Then I washed it. I didn't go over it too closely, but I didn't see any discolorations in the binding when I checked. Yay! Now I'll feel better about giving it away, whether to someone I know, Project Linus, or Community Service at my quilt guild. No pictures, because it looks pretty much the same as it did before, at least from photo distance. But I feel better about it now. :)

If anyone is counting, I now have 3 blue minkee/flannel blankets, and one pink receiving blanket ready for new babies. Also, there's a purple/green and peach baby quilt from a few months ago that doesn't have a home yet. Any takers?? :-)

Finally, a cat picture:

This is Runt (aka BabyRunt), enjoying the minkee blanket I made for the cats to lay on. She's the smallest of the cats, at 9 pounds, with a tiny little face and dainty little paws. She's tied for most timid with Ripley, but wins the crazy contest, hands down. John found her and Blue in his backyard and decided to keep them. Runt has apparently forgotten that he saved them, because she seems to be afraid of him. Maybe it's the deep voice or something. When I feed the cats, she runs right into her room with Blue. When John feeds them, she runs away. She'd better get used to him feeding her soon, or she's going to be one hungry kitty when I go to quilt camp next month! Crazy little thing.....

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